Four tips to get you from an IELTS Band 6 to a Band 7

Stuck on IELTS Band 6 but need a Band 7? Here are some useful IELTS preparation tips that will help you get a Band 7 score.

Achieving the IELTS result you need can be made easier with the right approach to your IELTS test preparation! If you’re stuck on a Band 6 but need a Band 7, don’t rush into booking another test - save yourself time, frustration and money by listening to these helpful IELTS preparation tips.

After watching this video, you’ll know how to: - Identify your weakest test component– Listening, Reading, Writing or Speaking - Improve upon your weakest area by studying the assessment criteria and understanding the skills you need to show - Achieve a better speaking test score - Study sample tests from IELTS test takers that achieved a Band 7 score.

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