Five things to do the day before your IELTS test

If you have an IELTS test tomorrow, here are some great ideas to help you prepare and perform your best on test day.

It’s the day before your IELTS test, so you’re probably feeling a bit nervous. That’s normal!

Many people spend the day before a test stressing and cramming as much information as they can. But you can’t learn English overnight!

So to help you prepare for the test in a more fun and relaxing way, we’ve come up with a few simple ideas that will help you feel as calm and confident as possible heading into your IELTS test, including:

- How to train your brain into thinking in English - Becoming familiar with the location and time of your test - Being organised by knowing what you need to bring on test day

- Taking the time to relax

If you’ve spent time on IELTS preparation such as practicing your English language skills, reading sample tests or attending English classes, don’t worry – the only thing you need to do now is relax.

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